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Situated where it is on the Atlantic coast, Charleston roofing has its own special set of challenges. Subjected regularly to hurricanes, thunderstorms and the occasional freak hail or snow storm, it's fair to say that local roofs take a constant beating.

When the time comes to replace a roof, more and more homeowners are looking toward metal as a robust, long-lasting roofing material. The metal roofing industry has undergone something of a renaissance. Today's metal roofs can be designed to mimic the style of shingle, tile, shake or slate in a range of colors to make them resemble clay, wood or stone.

Slightly pricey up front, a metal roof can outlast its more conventional predecessor. A conventional asphalt shingle roof may need to be replaced as frequently as every 10 years, and metal roofs can last twice as long.

Apart from the obvious benefit of longevity, metal roofs are also lightweight, fire resistant and energy-efficient. Their light weight allows them to be installed directly on top of previous roofing, eliminating the extra work of tearing off the old roof and finding somewhere to dispose or recycle it.

Because of their effectiveness in halting the spread of fires, some insurance companies are offering discounts to property owners who install metal roofs. When coated with specially formulated "cool pigments," a metal roof will reflect solar heat rather than absorb it into the attic.

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Maintaining a cool attic is essential for proper ventilation and preventing the growth of mold on the supporting structures associated with the roof, such as soffits, fascia and bargeboards.

The metal roofing market is expanding, currently occupying approximately one-tenth the total market and forecast to grow at a rate of about 5.6 percent each year. Despite this, there remain a few myths and rumors surrounding the use of metal as a roofing material.

Homeowners may wonder if a metal roof attracts lightning. This type of roof does not attract lightning any more than any other roof, unless it is the tallest structure in the immediate area. Metal will conduct electricity, but it does not act like a magnet for it. If anything, a metal roof will distribute the energy more safely.

Contrary to prevailing mythology, metal roofs are not noisier in the rain or a hail storm than conventional roofs. They are actually quieter than, for example, asphalt roofs. This is especially true if the metal has been installed with solid sheathing.

Also, hail storms rarely lead to dents on a metal roof. Today's metal roofing systems are capable of taking a battering and are rated to withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour, typical of an F2 tornado.

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