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Charleston Roofing: Article About Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters

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The typical roof consists of multiple parts and components, and one of the most important of those components is the gutter. The gutter system found on a roof serves to transport water runoff away from the building to keep standing water from damaging the roof. A simple clog in the gutter caused by dead leaves can allow water to reach the roof, can cause the decking system to rot and can damage both the underlayment and shingles. Charleston roofing companies often encourage clients to clean their gutters a few times a year and hire a professional to set up a maintenance program. This allows homeowners to relax and let someone else take care of their gutters.

Cleaning gutters is often hard because these metal or vinyl pieces run along the edges of the roof and are impossible to reach without a ladder. Contractors use tools that allow them to scoop out any dead leaves, garbage bags or trash in the gutters. Homes in warmer regions like South Carolina are also susceptible to clogs caused by birds, squirrels and other animals using gutters as their homes. Contractors can identify whether the animals are still living in the gutters and help get rid of those small animals.

When cleaning gutters on homes, contractors often recommend that homeowners install gutter guards.

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Though there are different designs available, the most common design features some type of mesh screen on top. The gutter guard fits down inside the gutters with the screen sitting on top. Any debris that lands on the roof falls down on the guard, which keeps it from landing in the gutter and causing a clog. These guards also keep debris from moving into the downspouts and forming clogs that allow the runoff from the roof to build up inside the downspouts.

With the busy lives that so many lead today, not everyone has the time to clean their gutters once a year or more often. Those who need help can turn to professional roofing companies for help. Some companies offer maintenance plans that help homeowners care for their gutter systems without actually doing the cleaning themselves. Many maintenance plans come with an inspection as well. Contractors will come to the house a few times a year, remove debris, check any guards in place and carefully look over the roof for any damage. They can replace gutters and downspouts, tighten loose screws, fix broken guards and take care of other problems after completing the inspection.

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