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Your roof is designed to keep you safe against the outside environmental and potentially harmful critters. However, your roof is not completely indestructible. Even the strongest roofs can be at risk for collapsing if they are not properly maintained or if their load becomes too heavy. If you feel that your roof is at risk for collapsing, you should contact your trusted Charleston roofing contractor as soon as possible.

While a roof collapse is every homeowner's worst nightmare, there are numerous warning signs that let you know that your roof is under stress. One of the biggest of these signs is noise made by your roof. For example, creaking or popping sounds could indicate that your roof's load is becoming too much to handle. Your roof may begin to form cracks in the walls and in the ceiling as the components begin to separate. Additionally, the roof may begin to sag under the excess weight caused by snow.

There are other signs that your roof may be in distress. For example, your roof may begin to spout severe leaks that could cause damage to your home's underlying structure. Doors may pop open, or you may have trouble opening your windows as a collapsing roof causes the door and window frames to become warped. Finally, if your property has a built-in sprinkler system, a collapsing roof may cause the heads to be pushed down below the ceiling.

If any of the warning signs are present, your home needs to be inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

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While some of the warning signs, such as a leaking roof, may be caused by some other structural issues, the problem is serious enough that it could ultimately result in a full collapse.

If it appears that the collapse is being caused by snow, you may be able to temporarily remedy the problem by having the snow removed. However, this can be dangerous depending upon the condition of your roof. If a professional believes that a roof collapse is inevitable or that the structure is no longer safe, it is in your best interest to vacate your home until the needed repairs can be completed.

If your home is at risk for collapse, there are several steps that can be taken to keep your roof's structural integrity from becoming compromised. For example, if you live in a climate that expects a large amount of annual snowfall, you inspect your roof prior to the first snow. After every storm, it is highly recommended that you inspect your roof for any snow or ice dams that may be stuck on top of your roof. Most of the problems arise from the drains, gutters and downspouts becoming iced over, which keeps any melting snow from being able to escape. By keeping these free from ice, the risk of roof collapse is reduced considerably.

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