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Charleston Roofing: Article About Preventing Leaks With Routine Inspections

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In order for you to extend the lifetime of your roof and to avoid major repair work, it's important that you take the time to understand the early signs of leaks and what you can do to prevent any damage that could cause leaks. Moisture seeping in your home through a leak can often result in significant damage and money being spent on repairs. It's essential for you to tackle the task of inspecting your roof regularly and do the necessary work to prevent leaks from occurring initially. Hiring a Charleston roofing contractor to help inspect your roof or complete any repair work that you may need should help you get the appropriate results.

You can complete an inspection of your roof on your own by using a ladder and climbing on top, but you need a basic guideline to know what problems to look for. Any discoloration or warping in the shingles and other parts of your roof can be major signs that water is leaking inside. This could be an issue due to the flashing not functioning as it should or the gutters being blocked by debris. Cleaning out both the gutters and downspout regularly and especially after inclement weather should ensure that nothing is being trapped inside and causing a leak to occur.

While the gutter and downspout of your home may be installed correctly, you could still experience water damage due to the lack of a splash block.

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By getting one of these blocks mounted around the side of your downspout, it can prevent a significant number of issues that could occur due to water creating a trench and damaging the exterior of your house.

If any trees located near your home haven't been trimmed in awhile, it may be time for you to hire a tree trimmer to help groom the landscaping. Tree branches that hang over even a small part of your roofing can result in major issues. Branches can scrape against the shingles or fall on them, causing them to break or come loose. When shingles are removed or damaged, it can cause a leak.

Loose shingles or flashing on your rooftop are major signs that water will be allowed to seep underneath. Taking care of replacing both of these elements before the rainy season can help prevent leaks from occurring, so that you don't experience water seeping inside or dry rot to occur. Whether you opt to replace shingles and flashing on your own or are more comfortable with a professional doing the job, it's best for you to become familiar with what needs to be done in order for the task to be completed properly.

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