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Whether a roof is built with asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or metal panels, it can be damaged by environmental elements. The sun's UV rays start breaking down roofing materials as soon as they are installed. In hot climates, the deterioration process is accelerated. High winds and heavy rain or hail can dent or break even the strongest materials. Although coatings can preserve roofs and keep them functional for many years, property owners need to know which type to use for optimal protection. A Charleston roofing professional will be knowledgeable about the various products on the market.

A flat roof needs a solid coating for the purpose of waterproofing. Rain often collects on the surface and puts a lot of weight on the structure. When the roofing materials begin to weaken, leaks are inevitable unless a tough coating has been applied. At low latitudes, the sun shines directly on each section of the roof and gradually wears away its components. A white coating reflects the sun and reduces energy costs.

A good roof coating is lightweight, seamless, and easy to install. It should expand and contract based on the current temperature.

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While acrylic is the most popular form on the market, polyurethane is gaining ground because of its durability and tensile strength. Another coating type that is increasing in popularity is based on polyvinylidene fluoride. Although this substance has been used for many years on metal roofs to keep them reflective and dirt free, it is now being utilized on every kind of flat roofing system. For spray polyurethane foam roofs, a specialized silicone coating works well.

Many times home and business owners have a coating applied to an existing roof rather than investing in a new roofing system. The life of an old roof can be greatly extended when the areas around penetrations and flashing have been adequately covered. Before the decision is made, however, a professional should inspect the condition of the currently used materials. Damage must be repaired and wet insulation replaced prior to adding a roof coating.

If a total tear off can be avoided, the environment will benefit as well as the property owner. Old roofing materials that cannot be recycled are taken to landfills. The cost of having an existing roof removed and hauled to a disposal area can be high, and alternatives should be considered. A durable coating is often the best solution for worn or damaged roof covers.

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