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Severe storms can be a major factor of the degradation of any type of roof. Charleston roofing is not a stranger to the effects of severe weather, having to withstand hurricanes and storms on a regular basis. As a primary part of its care, a roof should always be inspected when a storm is imminent and after the storm to ensure proper upkeep and no damage to a home. The following are signs to look for surrounding a severe storm.

The most obvious sign of a problem with a roof is in the attic. Light shafts will come through the roof and can be seen in the attic during the day with the lights off. These light shafts mean there might be a hole in the roof if they are not intentional. During severe weather, these holes can leak and cause water damage in the home. On top of that, the holes can grow larger as they present a weak spot in the roof. When the holes grow, they damage more of the roof and lead to expensive repairs. Any signs of light shafts in a roof should not be taken lightly, and a contractor should be called immediately.

Degradation on the shingles themselves is another sign of advanced wear to a roof.

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This type of wear is most common on asphalt shingles due to their sedimentary rock composition. The sedimentary rock degrades over time as a result of erosion from wind and water. Severe storms advance this erosion, and the roof degrades much quicker. If the shingles are sufficiently degraded, the roof below will become damaged and cause the aforementioned holes. Shingles should be replaced immediately once they have become degraded, and usually an entire roof needs to be replaced if that point has been reached.

Replacing a roof should be relatively easy for any homeowner if a contractor is hired. The contractor will be able to assess the amount of damage done and calculate how much roofing is needed and the pricing of all the work. On top of that, the contractor will be able to suggest the most advanced types of roofing to allow the new roof to last longer. If a person is considering a new roof, they should install flashing as it will better control the flow of water over a roof and protect shingles in especially vulnerable spots. Flashing is not cheap but will definitely save money in the long run.

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