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If you're looking to either build a new home or the roof of your residence needs to be repaired, now may be the time to investigate a new roof design. While you may already know that your roof keeps the rest of your home's structure protected against the element, it also contributes to the overall curb appeal of your home. You actually have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to designing your new Charleston roofing system.

There are 12 general design types that can be used for your home. In addition to the general designs, a number of sub-types are also available for those who want a more unconventional roof design. Whether you are looking for a more classic design or a modern one, there's a roof design out there for you. The flat roof, gabled roof, hip roof, skillion roof and gambrel roof designs are just a few of the more common designs that are used.

One of the most common roof designs is the flat roof. This type of roof has no pitch which can have both advantages and disadvantages depending upon the environment within which you live. They are easier to repair and are far safer if you are not as handy.

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However, debris is more likely to accumulate on top of the roof, which could eventually cause severe damage if it is not routinely removed.

A gabled roof, sometimes referred to as a peaked or pitched roof, has the shape of an inverted "v." These types of roofs can be as simple as one single "v" or can be more complex with each wing having their own roof.

Another common roof design is the hip roof. This type of roof can either be square or rectangular, with the roof faces meeting at the corners. While the construction of this type of roof is a little bit more difficult, they tend to hold up better against winds and other extreme weather.

The skillion roof is comprised of a single sloping surface that gives the appearance of one half of a triangle. This type of roof design is often used on multilevel homes or as an element that is combined with another roof design.

The gambrel roof design has two roof faces on each side of the home. The two top roof faces that join to the ridge generally have a more shallow slope than the two faces that connect the top of the walls to the bottom of the top faces.

While these are just a few of the designs, the design of your roof depends upon the aesthetics of your home and your imagination. You can always pick and chose which design elements that you want to incorporate into your roof design.

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