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Roofing contractors provide much more than just roof installation. Most roofing contractors can provide a wide variety of services to assist home and property owners. Roofing installation, repair and inspection are all part of the services Charleston roofing contractors can provide. In addition to this, installation and repair of gutter systems and other exterior services are often available, such as siding and window installation. When needs arise, knowing which type of contractor to call can be an important time saver.

Having the roof inspected is a need that comes about relatively often due to damage after severe weather or simply for prevention purposes. Roofing contractors are most often the first and best people to call for inspection because of their detailed and intimate knowledge of all aspects of the roof. Inspection can be part of the estimate process or just part of regular roofing maintenance. Some roofing contractors will be able to do other types of inspections as well depending upon their credentials.

Other services are the obvious new installations, but most roofing professionals will be happy to work on any type of building whether residential, commercial or industrial.

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The majority of new construction in most communities is indeed residential, but this does not mean that roofers will only work with that particular type of building. There are certainly those that will specialize in a particular niche, but the majority of roofing professionals are happy to work on or install virtually any type of roof.

Gutters are another part of many rooflines that home and business owners want to include for better drainage. Roofing professionals will often be able to install a complete gutter system and are the best people to handle this work. If the roof and gutter system are designed and installed by the same provider of service, it ensures that all components work together seamlessly.

Roofing professionals will often specialize in a full range of exterior services to include siding and window installation. While this is not always the case, the roofing contractor tends to be more versatile than just roofing. Part of the reason for this is because exteriors, such as windows and siding, are as essential for providing protection against weather as much as the roof. Roofing professionals know and understand the need for guarding against the elements, and they are often the first call a property owner will make. At a minimum, they can guide the client to the best option for service.

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