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Charleston Roofing: Article About Steps For Replacing Broken Shingles

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Having a broken shingle, or a set of broken shingles, on your roof can be very unsightly. In addition to detracting from the aesthetics of your home, a broken shingle is basically a leak in the making. When you notice that there are broken shingles on your roof, you have two options. The first option is to contract a Charleston roofing contractor. The second option, as long as you are not afraid of heights, is to grab a ladder, get up there and repair it yourself. Surprisingly, repairing a broken shingle is a lot easier than it sounds.

Paramount to the success of your project is picking a day with moderate weather. If the weather outside is too cold, shingles could crack. Conversely, if the weather outside is too warm, it may be difficult to break through the shingle sealants.

Start the project by loosening the tabs under the shingle that you want to replace. Repeat this step with the two courses of shingles above the one you are replacing. In most cases, eight fasteners or nails are used to attach each shingle. There are going to be four in the center of the shingle, directly above the tab slot, and then four more connecting the shingle you are looking to remove to the one above it.

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In order to remove all the nails and fasteners, you will have to remove the shingles that are covering up those nails.

Once the tabs have been loosened, take a flat bar and stick it underneath the damaged shingle until you reach each nail. Position the nail so that it is directly in the center of the flat bar notch. Care must be used in order to avoid ripping the shingles. Working as gently as you can, force the pry bar under both tabs as you push it up.

When removing the nails, do not try to dig the head of the nail out from the top of the shingle. Instead, remove the nails with a popping motion by prying underneath the shingle. Next, push the shingle downwards, and then you will be able to easily access and remove the nail. Once you have removed the nails from the damaged shingle, repeat the process with the next row of shingles. Now, you can remove the damaged shingle.

Now comes the time to replace the damaged shingle with the new one that you purchased. After sliding the shingle into place, nail the center row. Then, nail the center row of the course above it. Place the nails approximately half of an inch away from where the old holes were. Then, nail in at the top of the slots, right above where the sealant strip is.

And there you have it. You have replaced a damaged shingle on your roof.

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