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Flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular for residential homes, but when homeowners decide to have a flat roofs installed on their homes, they still has to decide what style of flat roof they want. Charleston roofing experts are available to help people make informed decisions, but in the end, it comes down to personal taste and which flat roof offers the best benefit for their individual needs.

Traditional flat roofs are made using the built-up roofing style, which is the type most homeowners are familiar with. Flat roofs made in this fashion contain multiple layers, and three or more of these layers are made of waterproof material. Several waterproofing materials are needed when designing a flat roof since it has little to no slope. Between each of these waterproof layers is a coating of black tar, and to make the flat roof heavier and protect it from the sun, gravel is usually added on top.

A more uncommon flat roof style is the modified bitumen. Unlike built-up roofing, the modified bitumen is a single-ply roof that has a mineral-based surface. It comes in two types: torch-down and peel and stick. Torch-down is not used very often because it can be a fire hazard. No matter what type a homeowner chooses, he's likely to save money on his energy bill with a modified bitumen flat roof thanks to the light color of the mineral-based surface.

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Another type of flat roof is the rubber membrane style, which is pretty inexpensive. When choosing this, homeowners have a few different options as to how they want the rubber membrane to be attached to the house. It can be glued down, held down by gravel or fastened to the house with straps. While this style of roof is inexpensive and lightweight, the rubber retains heat, making it a poor roofing choice for the summer. Thankfully, some of the heat can be reflected by painting it a light color or by choosing to hold the rubber down with rocks so that it doesn't have direct contact with the sun's solar rays.

Foam roofing is another good choice for flat roofs. Many professional roofers encourage homeowners to choose them because they are light and very durable. The foam, which is polyurethane, is seamless, very strong and can be easily sprayed onto the roof. Once the foam is sprayed, it's coated with a hard material to protect it. This material can be rolled or sprayed on. While the top layer is prone to cracking, foam roofs do a great job at standing up to the outdoor elements.

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