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Hiring a roofer can be a daunting task. Since most homeowners only need to replace a roof once in their lifetime, knowing which roofer to trust can be a challenge. The usual advice is to choose a roofer that is licensed, bonded and insured. While this is always a good place to begin, there are many other considerations to ensure that a homeowner chooses the correct company.

One way that Charleston roofing clients can know that they are hiring a competent roofer for their project is to look for a roofer that is certified by GAF, one of America's oldest and strongest manufacturers of roofing materials. Because their own reputation is on the line, GAF makes sure that the contractors they endorse are above average in every way. Becoming factory certified by GAF is no easy task.

Before becoming GAF certified, a roofer must meet certain criteria. They must have been in business at least seven years and have a brick and mortar address, not just a post office box. They must be fully licensed, bonded and insured according to the rules of the state or municipality they operate in. They must have a good credit rating. Knowing that the roofers they chose meet these basic requirements gives homeowners peace of mind.

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It also ensures that homeowners can stay in contact with the company for the full warranty length and avoid any future problems, including a mechanic's lien.

After passing the basic requirements, the roofer must pass an exhaustive exam covering the correct usage of GAF roofing materials. Roofers are also evaluated on their problem solving skills. After they pass the test, these roofers become GAF Master Elite roofers. Given the strict prerequisites and the comprehensiveness of the exam, only 3 percent of America's roofers are good enough to earn this certification. What's more, GAF certified roofers are never allowed to rest on their former accomplishments alone. They must complete ongoing educational requirements and retest every two years in order to keep their certification. This ensures that GAF certified roofers are always up to date on recent technological advances in materials and installation practices.

Because the GAF certification process ensures competency as well as upstanding business practices, hiring a GAF factory certified roofer takes the guesswork and the anxiety out of hiring a roofer. Additionally, these factory certified roofers can offer warranties on workmanship and materials that other roofers cannot, making them an even better choice for a roofing project.

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