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Fiberglass shingles are very much like the traditional asphalt shingles that have been in use since the early 1900s. Rather than using an organic base mat, such as a mat made from paper, wood fiber or other components, the fiberglass shingle has a core of fiberglass. In fact, many quality fiberglass shingles are made with a double layer of fiberglass that is fused together with a sealant.

This fiberglass core is then encased in asphalt in order to protect the shingle and ensure a watertight roofing material. The asphalt layer and embedded stone on the top surface are similar to the typical asphalt shingle, but the fiberglass core offers a number of advantages over an organic mat.

Many leading Goose Creek roofing contractors recommend fiberglass shingles over other asphalt shingles because they are lighter in weight and offer an added level of fire resistance. Additionally, because of the fiberglass core, these shingles are much more durable and offer a level of flexibility that is impossible with a regular asphalt shingle. They also come with a much longer life expectancy, which can help homeowners save on future roofing costs.

Many fiberglass shingles have a laminate coating, which adds to the look and durability of the shingle. This added layer certainly brings a number of beautiful design elements to this type of roofing material, but it also helps add structural stability and water resistance to the shingle.

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With an added level of roofing material, the laminate helps protect a roof from high winds, rain and hail. Additionally, because water has more layers that it will need to penetrate before reaching the roof decking, laminated fiberglass shingles can help protect the roof from water leaks.

Laminate coatings also provide an effective way of improving the look of the shingle. These laminate coatings can mimic many other roofing materials such as stone, wood or clay tile. Matte coatings not only offer a more realistic look but also can improve thermal absorption, making the shingle more energy efficient than typical asphalt shingles. A hot roof causes indoor temperatures to rise, resulting in more energy usage to cool the home.

Fiberglass shingles are easy to install. They also are superior to more traditional asphalt shingles when it comes to fire resistance as well as water tightness. Older style shingles with an organic base can become saturated and swell from too much moisture. Fiberglass shingles do not absorb water and offer a lightweight alternative to the heavier shingles that were so common in the past.

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