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Exterior roof surfaces are flat and flush against the structure's deck, making the entire system appear very simple at first glance. However, roofs are intricate layers of material, along with adjacent components contributing to moisture control and waterproof strength. A Goose Creek roofing professional must check all these components to verify a structure's strength and longevity.

A critical part of any roof is the deck. This area is covered by underlayment and shingles, so it's often difficult to inspect it on a regular basis. Contractors do have specialized techniques to verify deck stability. This plywood needs to be as strong as possible to hold the entire roofing surface. Professionals enter attics to see the deck from below and may use probing tools on the rooftop to find any decaying areas. Damaged deck areas may need to be replaced in sections to maintain a strong roof and structure.

The roof eaves or edges are vulnerable to moisture damage because rainwater flows off these areas into gutters. Also referred to as the drip edge, these eave areas aren't just covered by shingles. They have flashing and other protective materials to keep water from flowing back up into the shingle sections. Contractors must survey all drip edges to see if eaves are covered properly.

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Any exposed wood will decay quickly otherwise.

Drip edges hang over fascia board. This hanging lumber creates an aesthetically pleasing cover for the soffit. Fascia also provides a surface for rain gutters to attach to along the entire roof length. Reputable roofers will check the fascia to verify it's strength to hold the gutters. Although wood is strong when painted and cared for properly, it can rot over time. A preventive maintenance appointment should always include a fascia board verification process.

Gutters provide the pathways for rain, moving it down into sewers instead of forming into sheets off the roof edge. When roof surfaces are inspected, the gutters should also be included. If cracks and alignment issues arise, professionals will repair and adjust the gutters as necessary. Well maintained gutter systems contribute to strong roofs with long lifespans.

If homeowners notice roofing professionals aren't examining all these items, it's crucial to voice those concerns to the on-site supervisor. Each contractor has varied checklists to verify all job sites, but there are other questionable professionals who skip some steps. When the entire roof isn't inspected to a homeowner's desires, it's time to interview another company.

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