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The popularity of cool roofing systems continues to rise as more homeowners look for ways to save money on energy costs. Cool roofs save money on energy costs by reflecting direct sunlight, which allows the roof to absorb less heat than other types of roofing systems. Traditional asphalt shingles contain tar and synthetic materials that do not reflect direct sunlight very well. Therefore, the roof absorbs more heat, causing the home's cooling system to work harder during hot summer days. Consult a Goose Creek roofing contractor about asphalt shingles and the material's ability to reflect sunlight.

Homeowners can choose from several different types of cool roof systems. Many shingles are available on the market with cool roof features. The granules that coat newer shingles contain reflective properties that help reduce the roof's surface temperature by 25 to 50 degrees. Homeowners can also use a cool roof coating to increase an existing roof's ability to reflect the sun. When roofing contractors apply the coating, it looks as though they are applying paint to the surface of the roof. However, the only similarity between paint and roof coating is they both offer additional protection from the elements.

Homeowners considering a cool roof installation must decide whether or not the money they save in energy costs outweigh the cost to install a new cool roof.

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Keep in mind that replacing an existing roof with a cool roof does not cost any more than replacing an existing roof with traditional materials. Additionally, if the home is a new construction, homeowners do not pay any extra costs to install a cool roof. However, if homeowners wish to upgrade their existing roof to a cool roof, they can expect to pay more in maintenance and installation costs. Cool roof savings calculators are available online for homeowners who need to calculate whether the energy savings are worth the cost of installation.

Sometimes, cool roofs cost homeowners more over the long term than traditional roofing systems. In cold weather climates, a cool roof does not allow a home to trap heat effectively because it reflects so much of the sun's UV rays. Therefore, the heating system must work harder to keep a home warm during cold winter days. One area where homeowners can offset the increased costs during winter is through discounts and rebates offered by energy providers. Many energy companies across the United States offer homeowners discounts if they have a cool roof system installed.

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