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Metal roofing is one of the most durable, maintenance free types of roofing available today. Occasionally, a metal roof will need repair or maintenance. Most damage is due to severe storms blowing debris onto the roof. Sizable hail storms have been known to damage metal roofing. Sometimes, contraction and expansion of the roof due to temperature fluctuations causes the seams to crack, allowing water to seep in. Occasionally, the finish of steel roofs is damaged, which allows exposed areas of steel to rust.

For any type of roofing repair, it is best to call in a Goose Creek roofing professional with skill in installing and repairing metal roofs. Roofers who are skilled with asphalt shingles often know little about working with metal roofs and don't have the knowledge necessary to repair metal roofs. Although minor roof repairs may look like do-it-yourself projects to some homeowners, the dangers of climbing up on a roof should never be underestimated. An astonishing number of people are badly injured or killed each year after falling off roofs in an attempt to perform inspections or minor maintenance.

After a bad storm it's a good idea to take a careful look at the roof. Since it's always safer to stand on the ground than climb up onto the roof, try using binoculars to inspect the roof from the ground.

A roofing contractor from Lowcountry roofing of Goose Creek SC can answer any question about new roofs or gutters.

Look for dents, loose nails, holes, displaced metal panels or shingles and signs of damaged finish or areas of rust. Go look in the attic on the underside of the roof for any signs of water leaks.

If a metal panel is badly dented or damaged, the roofer will replace it. If panels are just displaced or nails are loose, the roofer can usually repair the panels. For areas of rust or damaged finish that can lead to rust, the roofer will remove the rust with steel wool, prime the exposed metal and then re-finish the area to both protect it and make it look like the rest of the roof.

Small holes and leaking seams can be sealed with either roof cement or a waterproof roofing membrane. Urethane roof cement will last longer than other types because it is resistant to ultraviolet light. Waterproof roofing membranes are self adhering and can be applied over seams or holes. Both roof cement and membranes will need to be periodically inspected and replaced. If the flashing is damaged or leaking, it will also need to be replaced.

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